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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Timber Flooring Questions

Why hardwood floors?
Hardwood floors are durable, long lasting and beautiful. The natural colours and patterns found in timber flooring create a comfortable and inviting living environment. Importantly they suit the south-east Queensland climate perfectly.
Why choose a solid traditional timber floor over pre-finished?
A solid timber floor is more sound because it is fixed to your sub-floor. It can also be sanded numerous times without having to be relayed.It can handle a lot more moisture/water than a pre-finished floors.
How long do hardwood floors last?
When properly maintained, hardwood floors can last a lifetime. The average carpet needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 years.
What is the difference between standard and select timber?
Standard timber means that you are more likely to get 2nd-grade timber or timber that may have imperfections such as gum veins, holes and cracks. This type of timber works well in older style houses, creating a more natural look and feel to the home. Select timber means that you are getting the best selection of timber that has minimal imperfections or no gum veins at all.
Is it true that hardwood floors provide a cleaner home environment?
Absolutely. Carpeting attracts and holds many allergenic spores, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, animal dander and other unhealthy microbes. These disturbing irritants are dispersed every time you vacuum.
How do I clean my traditional timber floor?
To maintain your timber floor is simple. All you need to do is give it a quick vacuum, a swift going over with a dust/static mop or when you have any spills or dirt on your floor, put a cup of methylated spirits in a bucket of warm water to mop with.
Do you give quotes?
Yes. We can give you a quote via phone/email or we can come out to your house to quote.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Questions

Is there much dust?
We have bags on the machines which catches 90% of the dust but some dust will float into other areas depending on the airflow of the house.
What coatings should I have in order to get the best result on my timber floor?
When choosing a coating for your floor you must take into consideration the traffic in which will be entered. A solvent based polyurethane finish is the most durable and will stand up to any heavy traffic. Whereas a water-based polyurethane although minimal smell when applied at first, is less durable and wears a lot quicker. This particular finish is more popular in department stores and restaurants because of the minimal smell it distribute out and the time frame in which it dries. However, a recoat is applied regularly to these floors due to the heavy traffic they endure.
How long does the sanding/finishing process take?
Normally sanding & finishing is a three-day process, you can walk on the floor the fourth day in socks/bare feet, fifth day in shoes and sixth day for furniture.
How durable would my timber floor be compared to other floor coverings?
Compared to carpets, tiles and lino floor coverings that have to be replace after a few years, a solid timber floor can last you a lifetime.
How much dust is created by the sanding process?
There will be a fine film in the sanded areas. To keep dust from penetrating other areas of your home, we recommend applying plastic to doorways using 3M blue tape and thin plastic film. The plastic and 3M blue tape is available at your local hardware or bunnings.
Can I stay in my home during the floor sanding process?
Not usually as the sanding is very loud and once the floor is coated you can’t walk on the floor for 8-10 hrs.
What guarantee do I have on my floor?
Providing your floor has not been water damaged or damaged by others, your floor is guaranteed to outlast you and generations to come.
How long does it take for the floor to dry after each surface coat is applied?
If you go with the solvent based polyurethane it takes 8-10hrs, if you go with a water-based finish it takes 4-6hrs.
What is the time duration for the job completion?
We can finish a floor within three days. We recommend you give the floor 2 full days to dry before you start putting any furniture on it, we recommend you apply protective adhesive strips on the bottom of all your furnishing to avoid unnecessary scratches on your floor. Avoid putting rugs back down for 30 days.
What can I expect my floor to look like when it has just been coated?
There are always fine dust particles floating in the air which eventually fall to the floor but are not visible when certain coating are applied, however, if your floor has been applied with a solvent based polyurethane finish then you may notice fine dust particles through your floor after it has just been coated. You shouldn't be alarmed as this is because solvent based polyurethane is a high solid material which makes fine particles bigger than they really are and will eventually smooth out over time.
Will my floors be shiny?
You have a choice of a satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finish for your floor.
What is the most durable finishing material?
Moisture-cured solvent based polyurethane is the most durable finish for domestic and commercial purpose.
Do you move furniture or appliances?
Yes, we can help if it is needed.


  • We got lots of quotes when doing the floors in our home, Dave's price was the best and he was great to deal with. We could not be happier with the result and the quality of workmanship really shows!

    Lily Winter

    Mt Gravatt

  • Thank you Dave, our floors look awesome, thanks for fitting in with our time frame, should have got you to do them a long time ago. Many friends have seen them and you will probably get a few rings now. Thank you!

    Lisa Harmon


  • Thank you for doing our floors Dave, we sold our house and the real estate agent said the people who bought it were blown away by how good the floors looked. I will definitely recommend you.



  • A pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The floors look amazing and Dave took all the hassle out of the entire process!



  • The floors look amazing, I couldn't believe you managed to get all the scratches and glue off. Very much appreciated Dave.



  • I'm loving my new floors thank you Dave, you were great to deal with and I'll be happy to recommend you to my friends!




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